Welcome to YO VENGO D CUBA, the Salsa Weekend in Augsburg! From May 05, 2017 until May 07, 2017 we have invited the best dance instructors and DJs to Augsburg for two unforgettable parties with shows, animation, many great workshops and so much more Featured artists are Jorge Camagüey, Yoanis Tamayo, Hector Oviedo, Yoandy Villaurrutia, Diana Rodriguez, Fredyclan, Papito, Yeni Molinet, Roly Maden, Emilito Herrera, Roynet Peréz, Pedro Luis Pestana Gonzalez, Giusy Chisari, Solangel Fernandez and Leobel Abreu. Our top-ranking DJ-Team includes DJ Leo from Stuttgart, DJ El Gato from Italy/Udine, DJ Timbanero from Kempten and of course DJ Delfin, Augsburg’s number one Cuban-Salsa-DJ!


Some impressions from YO VENGO D CUBA 2016: